HGH 176-191

HGH 176-191HGH Frag (176-191) (under laboratory code AOD9604) – it is a stable portion of the molecule of growth hormone, starting with amino acid 176 and ending with 191. The drug was developed by the American scientists and became a discovery, which promotes a noticeable weight loss in a healthy way. Until recently, scientists and do not fully understand how the mechanism works the fat burning occurring due to the reception of growth hormone. For the first time, in the course of research in this area, research workers of Wisconsin found that the effect of fat loss that occurs as a result of receiving growth hormone, responsible small fragment of the hormone molecule itself. It is encoded using the amino acids 176-191 (in GR all 191 amino acids). However, to date, not entirely clear picture with receptors that are affected fragment GRs 176-191 (HGH Fragment (176-191) not interconnected with the GH receptor, however, it enhances cryptic gene expression of beta-3-adrenoceptor which further stimulates lipolysis process in the body. The process is accepted as the main mechanism of drug action).

A distinctive feature of the fragment 176-191 is considered selectivity, which is shown in its impact. It is meant that the fragment 176-191 in contrast to growth hormone are not able to cause insulin resistance, and, consequently, does not affect the sugar level indicator, which eliminates the risk of diabetes.

Effects of HGH 176-191

  • The increase in lipolysis / fat burning process (most notably in the abdominal area)
  • It is not conducive to the emergence of the proliferation of cells (hyperplasia bodies)
  • It does not affect the growth of blood glucose and insulin in the exchange process
  • Slows the aging process
  • It contributes to energy recovery and energy consumption
  • Strengthens bones (mineralization effect)

Course HGH Frag (176-191)

The optimum dosage HGH Frag (176-191) is in the range from 250 (600) 1000 (2000) ug / day when the duration of the course 2-3 months. Injections are performed in between meals, which creates favorable conditions for the combustion of excess fat. Means must be diluted in an isotonic solution or water can be used for injection. For best results, we recommend dieting for weight loss and in parallel use the necessary amount of protein.

The estimated reception circuit HGH 176-191 a day training:

  1. Admission 1 hour before breakfast
  2. Admission 1 hour before dinner
  3. Reception for half an hour before training
  4. Reception after the workout

In the days of rest:

  1. Admission one hour before breakfast
  2. Admission one hour before dinner
  3. Admission one hour before dinner
  4. Reception at night

There are cases where the injection is recommended to carry out 5-6 times during the day. You should also pay attention to the fact that the fragment HGH 176-191, unlike other drugs, after dissolved in water, is kept very low (about a week in the refrigerator).


In conducting the course with HGH 176-191 fragment is particularly important low-fat, low-carb mainly diet. It is proved that after you have something to eat, insulin levels rise (as it is known hormone that stimulates phosphodiesterase cleaves cAMP – second messenger molecule that inhibits lipolysis procedure). It is therefore not recommended to eat and after the injection of other peptide drugs. Pulsating production of growth hormone (GH) still lasts for three hours after injection, only the 1st hour pulsations have insulin work, and all the rest of the time – fat burning, as a derivative of the GR effect. That’s why injections made between meals, on an empty stomach.

On the catabolic process can not survive, because replenish energy reserves as a result of lipolysis (release of fatty acids). In this situation, catabolism is not possible. Strictly speaking, from these data it can be concluded that GH is, in fact, anti-catabolic.

Side effects of HGH 176-191

To date, the occurrence of side effects as a result of receiving HGH Frag (176-191) have been identified from time to time there may be a burning sensation at the injection site.

176-191 HGH – is stabilized growth hormone fragment molecule comprising a chain of amino acids 176 to 191 of th. The main mechanism of action of this peptide is to stimulate fat burning and suppression of the formation of new fat deposits. In sports pharmacology fragment GH is used not only as a lipolytic agent, but also as a drug to achieve relief of muscle mass after dialing. In this article we’ll show you how to take HGH 176-191 at course use.

Recommendations on the course

A fragment of growth hormone is not an anabolic drug, and therefore it is not used in courses for weight gain. Guide to HGH 176-191 states that this product should be taken on an empty stomach, that is, its reception requires a certain discipline. The minimum daily dose is 100 mg, the maximum – 1000 mcg. During the course of use is recommended to follow a low-calorie diet, that is. E. To completely abandon the fast carbohydrates.

An exemplary dosing regimen:

  • I – an hour before breakfast, 200 mg;
  • II – an hour before dinner, 200 ug;
  • III – a half hour before training, 200 mcg.

On days when there is no training:

  • I – an hour before breakfast, 200 mg;
  • II – an hour before dinner, 200 ug;
  • III – bedtime, 200 mcg.

In some cases, injections are carried out 5-6 times a day (with this method marked a permanent release of fatty acids used by the body as the primary energy source). HGH 176-191 course must not last more than 12 weeks (for a longer period of compliance calorie diet harmful to the organism).

Getting breeding drug (after the dosage of HGH 176-191 will be calculated) should take into account the fact that this peptide can be stored in diluted form in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Further, it will lose its properties and is unusable.

Popular courses with a fragment of Growth Hormone

  1. GHRP-2 + HGH Frag 176-191. This course is recommended for use in the drying period and to increase and preserve power performance. Injection give 3 times a day, 100 mcg GHRP-2 and 200 ug HGH 176-191, immediately after waking up, then after 5 hours and one hour before bedtime.
  1. Growth Hormone + HGH Frag 176-191 – rate for the drying and burning excess fat. It is the perfect solution for novice bodybuilders, as well as for people with active lifestyles. The daily dose of – 5 units GR and 200 ug HGH 176-191.

HGH frag 176-191 – a fragment of growth hormone (with chain 176 for 191). The drug №1 by the efficiency of fat burning. None of the drug for its effectiveness can not be compared with the peptide HGH 176-191. The results are visible after a couple of weeks.

HGH frag 176-191:

burn fat, increases IGF-1 production, increases muscle mass, which makes it very attractive for bodybuilders anabolic purposes. It increases and accelerates energy metabolism. Improves lipid profile and lipolytic activity. Unlike growth hormone (HGH) fragment 176-191 do not adversely affect on the blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia causes) and when administered into the body there is no proliferation (division) of cells.