Today took. 7 days and all I’ve got. It is not the first time, but every time the happiness in
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Nikolai, 11 March 2017

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XXX, February 14, 2017

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ded001, 21 Fevralya 2017

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Colonel, February 21, 2014


Excellent reputation

Reputation of our online store for 100% corresponds to the quality of our work. Over the period of the store we did not have any orders, which we had not performed. There were problems that require us to an equitable solution, sometimes there were delays, the order was lost in the mail, but we will not upset our customers, and always went to meet them, sending a repeat order at his own expense. Every customer is our friend and between us is only a relationship of trust.

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Among the manufacturers have licensed as operating plants: the Balkans, the Speaker, Neolabs, Organon, Norma, Fakmak, Ferring and underground producers: Farmakom LABS, Golden Dragon, Luke LABS and others. This current realities of the market steroids. In our store only original products! Balkans, Farmakom, Golden Dragon, SP Laboratories, NeoLabs, St. Biotehnolodzhi can check the originality of the manufacturer’s website. We check almost all consignment on specific athletes, so we are confident of its pharma 100%. If the detected non-working drug, then we better just did not deliver. It happens that the manufacturer did not clean the hands and deliberately underestimates the concentration of the active’ve Islands, in such cases, we are not responsible for such manufacturers. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the reviews on specific products or products that you want to buy – so you can make the right choice.

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Now we can observe a tendency CIS steroids filling the market with substandard and counterfeit drugs. This trend can be observed worldwide. Professionals say that the quality of steroid drugs is one of the fundamental factors needed for fast muscle growth and power performance on a course of steroids. But it is worth remembering that steroids – it’s not magic pills, but primarily drugs that accelerate the anabolic processes. In order to achieve the maximum result from steroid use, it is necessary to eat properly, exercise properly and get enough rest and avoid stress. A monitoring of the quality of products – this is our task, which we will always perform!