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HGH is considered one of the most popular sports products that enhance efficiency and improve workout results. This substance is a protein nature, part of the biologically active additives, stimulates protein synthesis, promotes strong growth of muscle mass and reduces fat deposits simultaneously.

Modeling harmoniously developed body and complete the formation of muscle should be in the complex, which includes not only properly organized exercise and complete, balanced nutrition nutritionists, but also the use of special dietary supplements that promote restoration of muscle fibers, as well as other tissues and cells.

Growth Hormone in sports nutrition positions itself as endocrine catalyst accelerates metabolism suppressing catabolic and stimulating anabolic processes fully supplying muscle tissue with nutrients and accelerating movement of the athlete to the intended purpose.

The biological effect of growth hormone

Generic_Blue_Top_Hgh4life_Somatropin_100iu[1]Growth Hormone in sport is used for forming muscle relief. When using this as a bioregulator amino acid dietary supplements, it has the following effects:

  • It promotes enhanced muscle growth, prevents catabolic processes (slow muscle breakdown);
  • It stimulates the disintegration of the free fatty tissue;
  • strengthens bones, promotes the synthesis of growth factors (people under 26 years of age);
  • It increases the level of glucose in the blood by inhibiting its absorption fabrics;
  • It creates the optimal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates;
  • reduces the incidence of injuries, it stimulates blood circulation and normalizes the heart muscle;
  • It strengthens the body’s immune.

Virtually all of the above effects of GH, contributing to the achievement of their own record of results related to the effect of insulin-like growth factor – somatomedin having anabolic effect and stimulates hyperplasia of muscle fibers.

Initially, preparations based on somatropin , intended to be used exclusively for medical purposes. However, because of the ability to enhance muscle relief, significantly reduce body fat and improve venous prorisovannost, recombinant analogs of GH found their wide application in sports practice, or rather, in the bodybuilding industry. Growth hormone and sports nutrition – a unique tandem, it contributes to an increase in lean body mass and connective tissue fibers and a simultaneous decrease in body fat.

What makes growth hormone – HGH

It acts as an anabolic – stimulates the growth of muscle tissue. It is also anti-catabolic effect – prevents muscle breakdown. It reduces the amount of fat, the regulation of the use of energy. It occurs early wound healing and rejuvenating effect overall. There is an increase with atrophied internal organs age. Strengthening the immune system, increase in blood glucose, strengthening bones. If you decided to buy: hygetropin for sale.

Some effects of the drug itself directly affected, but mainly by the liver through the insulin-like hormone – IGF-1 (before it was called somatomedin C).

Summary popularity growth hormone – in its ability to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat and increase in lean tissue growth.

When using a reduced amount of somatotropin injury – and strengthens bones compound accelerates recovery from injury.

What growth hormone deficiencies and grand total

With increasing muscle mass, growth hormone does not increase power performance. Does not increase the performance and endurance for athletes where important strength and endurance drug useless.

We conclude that the hormone is needed for muscle relief. In this he is highly effective. At least side effects of the drug. It does not affect the potency and the penis. After the course of the application does not require re-application. Within a month the muscles is increased by several kilograms, there is a big fat loss.

By using growth hormone in moderate doses, it is extremely rare to see side effects, with almost all of them are reversible, that is, with decreasing doses of normalization. It has been clearly demonstrated that it is necessary reduction of harmful cholesterol, improvement in skin tissues, bones and ligaments, the total rejuvenation of the body, the tone of the physical form.