Some updates on my progress:

Nothing to report.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: When do you upload comics?
A: We upload comics every wednesday and saturday. (random hours)

Q: How many new comics with each upload?
A: We usually upload between 20 and 25 comics with each upload.

Q: Is there a way to download full comics?
A: No, there is no download option at the moment.

Q: Why can't I see the newly uploaded comics?
A: You may have to delete your browser's cache to fix this problem.

Q: Which browser works best with your website?
A: This website works best with Google Chrome on desktop and mobile.

Q: Will there be more of [artist name, category, subject] comics?
A: We can't see in the future so we don't know if there will be more comics of the said subject.

Q: What happend to your mobile app?
A: The app stopped showing newly added comics and we don't know how to fix it because we are not programmers so we deleted the app.

Q: Can you add a random button?
A: No because it'll cause to much trouble for our current database. We tried it but it makes the website really slow.

Report bugs, request content or ask us anything:

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